Sheet metal folder RED-2200 / 1.2 mm

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Advantages of RED bending machine: bending on 3 sides, processing space - 6 cm up and down
An absolute novelty from Prod-Masz! Bending beam only 15 mm for 1.2 mm steel sheet up to 2 m.
RED 2200 / 1.2 mm + top opening + rotary slitters on a guide


maximum working width: 2200 mm
Bending efficiency: up to 1.2 mm (steel sheet)
All non-ferrous metals have 30% more bending force
Bending angle: max. 160 degrees
Cutting with roller scissors over the entire working width
Bending beam thickness: 15 mm
lifting the upper beam in three positions
max. opening: 80 mm
angle stop to 90 degrees
rear bumpers
front depth stops
Weight: approx. 420 kg
Roller shears (max. Cutting capacity 0.8 mm / steel) on a guide rail or conventional roller shears
The machine complies with CE guidelines and has a 12-month warranty.

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