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The company "Prod-Masz" is an innovative medium-sized company which manufactures and sells the sheet metal bending machines. A sheet metal folding machine, which has been designed in a professional manner, is the basis for the long-term use of the machine. That is why it is important to have a trustworthy company at your side. The company "Prod-Masz" has set itself the goal to create this trust. Through qualified employees and innovative thinking, we are able to meet your wishes and needs. The design of the bending machines produced by us corresponds to the highest technical standard as well as the CE guidelines. Our machines have 12 months warranty and are of great interest all over Europe.

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For our products are offered professional solutions. The quality bending machines, benders and sheet metal folders have been designed for long-term industrial use. The universal bending machines are applicable in many fields in industry. Look at the use of bending machines in our movies.



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