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The sheet metal bending machine from Prod-Masz is a tool designed to overcome any challenge. No matter what field you are specialized in, in our offer you will find robust machines with the highest level of precision!

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Prod-Masz - manufacturer of sheet metal bending machines I Kęsowo

At Prod-Masz, we have been manufacturing sheet metal bending machines for professionals in a variety of industries and for private individuals for more than 20 years. We offer tools of every level of advancement, for use in many industries, as well as a configurator to match your expectations. With us you are always assured of reliability, outstanding precision and durability!

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As an experienced manufacturer of bending machines, swaging machines, and other tools for professionals, we are aware of how essential it is for the device to harmonize with the skills and needs of the expert, while at the same time being modern, durable, and stable. See our wide range and find something that perfectly suits you!

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A device from a manufacturer of bending machines that is perfect in every way? At Prod-Masz it is possible! Use our configurator - click whatever you need, and we will prepare a "tailor-made" sheet metal bender just for you!

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We have been operating in the bending machine market for over 20 years, working with thousands of satisfied customers from all over Poland and overseas. Find out what they think of our products and take advantage of our offer of robust equipment, adapted to your needs!

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What makes us stand out?

What distinguishes the devices from bending machine manufacturer Prod-Masz?

  • Precise manufacturing thanks to CNC method
  • 12 months guarantee for the devices
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliability of tools
  • European CE certificate
  • Flexibility of the offer
  • Many years of experience on the market
  • Versatile application of the devices
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