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    At Prod-Masz, we know how the work of the sheet metal bending machines we offer affects the efficiency of our customers’ work – that’s why we create bending machines that are durable and robust, with a strong construction and a secure design. Their versatile use improves the work in industrial production, as well as during the implementation of investor contracts, and even during do-it-yourself work in home garages.

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    Roofing bending machine

    A sheet metal bender is an essential tool in roofing work. Therefore, it must be reliable and trouble-free, and have high precision to guarantee perfect execution of flashings and other work. Each sheet should be bent accurately and at the same time quickly to meet the requirements of the investor.

  • Pipe bending machine

    Pipe bending machine is one of the devices included in the offer of bending machine manufacturer Prod-Masz. These tools are created for pipes, rods, decorative elements, plumbing, repair work and much more. Using equipment from the manufacturer of Prod-Masz bending machines, you can expect a repeatable result, easy operation and precision.

  • Small bending machine

    Along with equipment for professionals, we also offer small bending machines for private individuals or for expert repair work. Manual small benders are easy to carry, take up little space, and at the same time help to bend materials to the desired shape with great force. By choosing a small bending machine from Prod-Masz, you can expect the same high quality of workmanship as in the case of large-sized benders.

  • Accessories for bending machines

    Accessories for bending machines are products that allow working with sheet metal even more extensively. Thanks to the use of these tools, each machining becomes perfectly finished, smoothly fitting into the created structure.

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