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Prod-Masz – leading manufacturer of bending machines and sheet metal machines

In Prod-Masz’s offer you will find precision bending machines and other sheet metal machines with a 12-month warranty. Trust our experience – buy a device distinguished by high quality and reliability!

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Family business – an innovative approach

Prod-Masz is a family-owned company with great traditions, which focuses on innovative production and continuous upgrading of the offer. We take care of the highest technical standards and CE guidelines.

We focus on continuous development to perfectly meet the requirements of professionals from Poland and overseas. This makes us one of the leading manufacturers of bending machines on the market.

We rely on specialized staff – our employees take care of every detail of production so that the devices we create are perfectly precise, fault-free and durable. Reliable design and their versatile application are a guarantee of success for our customers.

Your skills – our equipment

We aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to purchase a sheet metal machine that resonates with their professional needs. Having listened to the needs of our customers, we have created a configurator, allowing you to select the parameters of the machine to suit your needs. 

Your skills and knowledge in working with a customized Prod-Masz bending machine will allow you to achieve even more. Configure your device and become a master at your craft!

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  • Unique customers

    Our clients are masters in their craft – specialists who know what they want and have high standards and requirements. We do everything to satisfy them!

  • Tradition and innovation

    Prod-Masz is a family-owned company, where we care about relationships and high standards of work, while looking for modern solutions and betting on innovative technologies.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

    At Prod-Masz, bending machines and other machines come with a 12-month warranty. Our tools are extremely durable – created to withstand the hardships of everyday work.

  • Highest standards

    Prod-Masz bending machines are manufactured to the highest technological standards and meet CE requirements. Using the CNC method, we achieve exceptional manufacturing precision.

  • Professional consulting

    The staff of the manufacturer of bending machines Prod-Masz are people with enormous knowledge and years of experience in the industry – they know the problems and needs of customers and do everything to meet them!

  • Individual approach

    Prod-Masz customers have individual habits, skills and approach to work – we do everything to make our machines harmonize with them in every way!

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We have been operating in the bending machine market for over 20 years, working with thousands of satisfied customers from all over Poland and overseas. Find out what they think of our products and take advantage of our offer of robust equipment, adapted to your needs!

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