Sheet metal folder ZGR-2500/1.2

Sheet metal folder ZGR-2500/1.2

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BENDING MACHINE 2.64 m /1.2 mm

Technical Specifications


  • working length 2640mm
  • the thickness of the steel sheet up to 1.2 mm
  • bending edge 24 mm
  • bending angle: 145 degrees
  • shear cutting on the whole working length
  • upper bar lifting in three positions
  • maximum clearance between bars 100 mm
  • a table for supporting the rear sheet
  • weight: 350 kg

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    • Precise manufacturing thanks to CNC method
    • 12 months guarantee for the devices
    • Attention to detail
    • Reliability of tools
    • European CE certificate
    • Flexibility of the offer
    • Many years of experience on the market
    • Versatile application of the devices

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